Pete the Panther Illustrated Mascot

Pete the Panther is an iconic figure for the Chapman community. He is identified as the university mascot, in art installations across campus, and as the primary mark associated with Chapman’s Athletic Department. Chapman students and alumni embrace Pete as the central figure with direct association to Chapman University. The new mascot logo is meant to supplement the Athletic mark, not replace it, by offering a more flexible design that can be used for diverse purposes across campus.

The Pete the Panther mascot graphics are to be used as supplemental graphics and are not intended to serve as Chapman’s institutional mark. These graphics should not be used on their own without the Chapman University master brand.

When using Pete, please follow these guidelines:

  • Pete is presented as shown below. No alterations or additions should be made to the official Pete pose or colors.
  • Minimum size (by height) should be no smaller than 1.5”.
  • Pete should not be connected or in close proximity to the Chapman master brand.
  • Pete should be used primarily in casual/informal communications where the target audience has a known affinity for the mascot.
  • The trademark symbol must appear when used on apparel and promotional items.
  • Pete is copyrighted and licensed by Chapman University. No poses other than the ones shown below are authorized or recognized by the university.
  • Pete may appear in another location away from the master brand – such as another imprint area on apparel, the inside panel of a brochure, secondary graphic element on a flyer, etc.
  • Pete should not be used to promote academic programs, colleges and administrative units. These groups should use the official master brand or school/college lock-up.
  • Pete should never be combined with other graphic elements or placed within a defining shape to create new artwork.
  • Please do not screen grab Pete from the web. Unauthorized usage of the artwork will be asked to be removed. If you would like to use Pete, please download below.

Download the Pete the Panther Mascot

Number 1 Pete

Thumbs Up Pete
EPS / PDF / JPG / PNG (wink)
EPS / PDF / JPG / PNG (no wink)

Flex Pete

Commencement Pete
EPS / PDF / JPG / PNG (wink)
EPS / PDF / JPG / PNG (no wink)

Spirit Pete

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