Our brand is how we tell the story of Chapman University. And our story is not told just by the words we use. It is our distinctive look, feel and voice working together to create something people immediately recognize. This online resource will help you stay true to this goal.


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Getting Started Pages

Brand Guidelines
Learn about Brand Strategy, Voice & Messaging, Visual Identity, and Brand Architecture.

Tools & Resources

Who to Contact at SMC
Learn who to contact for marketing and branding efforts for Chapman University.

Training & Support

Cascade CMS Training
Learn to update our main website and get approved to access the system. (via canvas)

Social Media
Social media policy, guides, and tutorials to help you get started on social media.

SMC Web Policy
Learn about  Chapman’s Marketing Policy & Guidelines.

Digital Signage Training
Our digital signage system is run through a system at Learn how to create slides and manage signs.

Photoshelter (Chapman’s Photo Gallery) 
Search through our database of photos to use for your marketing and communication projects. These photos are updated regularly.

SMC Structure
Strategic Marketing and Communications (SMC) is the centralized branding and marketing department of Chapman University. Training
Get trained on how to add and edit event listings on Chapman’s central public events calendar.

Blogs Network
Understanding the software, management and strategy for your school, college or department blog.
Need to crop and resize a photo? We’ve built this handy cropping tool to help you navigate that process and find pre-defined sizes.

Email Marketing
Learn about the different types of email communications.

At Chapman University, we strive to create and distribute content that is accessible to everyone.

Brand Guidelines

Our brand strategy is the Chapman way of articulating who we are and why we exist, the audiences we serve, and our unique role in higher education. The strategy is more than what we do: it is the impact that we can have on our students, our state, our country and our world..

Master Brand (logo)

The singular expression of the University’s mission, brand positioning, and personality.


Futura is our sans-serif family and the workhorse for our communications.


Our color palette helps people identify us at a glance.


Our photography style is often driven by academics, but should also feel lighthearted, confident and natural.


Our message is what we say. Our voice is how we say it. Together, a compelling message and a consistent voice are what make the Chapman University story resonate with our diverse audiences. This is also how we stand apart. In this section, you’ll find guidance to help you achieve this across all of our communications.

Visual Identity

Because our visual identity represents the University at the very highest level, it is vitally important to our brand. It acts as a signature, an identifier and a stamp of quality. It is, and should always be, the most consistent component in our communications. To maintain this consistency, a few simple guidelines should be followed.

Brand Architecture

Our brand architecture directs and standardizes how we apply the Chapman identity to entities across the University: schools and colleges, administrative offices and units, academic departments and programs, and research centers and institutes. It assists in maintaining the integrity of the master brand.

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