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Our brand is how we tell the story of Chapman University. And our story is not told just by the words we use. It is our distinctive look, feel and voice working together to create something people immediately recognize. This online marketing resource will help you stay true to this goal.

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We have compiled all our resources into convenient ‘Getting Started’ documents for you to learn about the various tools and resources you can and will utilize as you navigate your branding and marketing needs.

The Brand Narrative

Our brand narrative elevates our strengths, inspires our messaging and voice, and identifies what our audiences can expect from us. It forms the basis of an ownable, unique story for Chapman.

Our Brand in Action

A strong brand feels connected. It brings an organization’s story together and provides a familiar reminder of the connected nature of our work. Chapman’s brand is flexible enough to accommodate the various needs of a dynamic campus but strong enough at its core to bring it all together, as you can see below.

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