Brand Narrative

Our brand narrative elevates our strengths, inspires our messaging and voice, and identifies what our audiences can expect from us. It forms the basis of an ownable, unique story for Chapman.

Brand Narrative

At Chapman, we know that inspiration can come from everywhere.

It comes from the countless professors you meet whose teaching and research transcend disciplinary boundaries and push the limits of knowledge and innovation.

It comes from exceptional students who are national champions, model UN finalists, film festival winners, advocates, artists, scientists, creators and classmates who expand your thinking, as you introduce new ideas to theirs.

It comes from a breathtaking performance, working through a group project, that one-on-one interaction with a professor who took the time to help you “get it.”

It comes from meeting people with entirely different experiences and perspectives and forging connections that challenge how you see the world.

It comes from your history, your family, your community, your curiosity and your dreams.

At Chapman, inspiration thrives in a campus community that pulses with indescribable energy, and an intellectual, creative and social vibrance — a community that embraces you in a feeling of belonging while giving you the inspiration you need to do more.

An academic community that brings a personalized approach to learning, focused on pushing your limits while surrounding you with the support you need to take risks, knowing that if you fall, we’ve got you.

All while connecting you to a worldwide network of Chapman Family members eager to welcome you in so you can shatter conventions and rise to the challenges of a changing world.

We call it The Chapman Experience.

And in that experience, you’ll find what drives you forward.

Because here you’ll be immersed in the joy that comes with discovery and the thrill of curiosity driving your experience. Here, you’ll be challenged not to repeat what’s known, but to define what can be: for the world, for your community, for yourself.

Driven by Curiosity

Inspired by Chapman

The Brand Narrative Can Help Us Do Three Things:

1. Gut-Check Voice

Here are a couple questions that will help you determine whether the brand’s voice is reflected in your writing:

  • Does the tone of what you’re writing capture the spirit of “Anything Imaginable”?
  • Does it sound like the personality of someone who embodies the idea?


2. Stay on Message

Move beyond facts whenever you can. By addressing the motivation behind our stories and successes, we can create a stronger emotional tie with the audience.


3. Influence Visual Choices

Our brand does not just rely on written words. Refer to the brand narrative specifically through graphic treatments.