Submit a Request

There are a variety of ways to work with Strategic Marketing and Communications, including integrated marketing plans, project requests, technical support, marketing questions, and story sharing. This page will outline a few of these pathways.

Integrated Marketing Plans

For strategically-aligned initiatives, SMC strategists work with campus partners to develop integrated marketing plans. As this is a lofty process, work that falls into this category is focused on key institutional goals. This process helps two-fold by focusing needs into a comprehensive, goal-oriented strategy and better aligning the planning of resources for the year.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you work in a campus unit that has an established integrated marketing plan and you submit an independent job request, we will review the project in the context of the bigger plan to see what needs to shift or be removed to accommodate. 

Request a Project (Through Workfront)

Workfront request screenshot

Workfront is our department’s project management system and is the official channel for project requests. If you are unsure of where to submit a request , Workfront should be your first stop.

Not only does this pathway collected the needed information from you, but it also triggers the SMC review process (noted below). When you get to the submission form within Workfront, you will be presented with a few options due to the complexity of the services SMC offers.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1/11/24: Workfront may push you to a generic dashboard page when you click below. This is a known issue being worked on. If you click the link a second time, it should lead you to the correct pathway. 

0. External mass communication review 

1. Submit a project request 

2. Submit a story or public relations idea  

3. Request digital support

4. Ask a question

Project Request Review Process

All requests that feed through SMC go through a review process. Submitting a request does not guarantee a project will be worked on.

The review process includes:

  1. Project Intake Review –  SMC does an initial review of a project to see if it relates to our world. Often, we get submissions for other departments or for collateral we do not support.
  2. Weekly SMC Team Meeting Review – The second round of review is through our weekly team meeting where SMC team leads and strategist discuss the project from a resource, strategy alignment and capability perspective.
  3. Approval – If approved, we will trigger the project for completion and reach out for any additional details we need. If a project does not meet the criteria, SMC always tries to point you in the right direction, whether that be a vendor or other campus service or tool.

Technical and Channel Support (non-request needs)

For questions on one of our key marketing softwares or channels, please contact the individual below.  If you are requesting work to be done by these individuals beyond questions or education, please submit through the Workfront support channels above.