Chapman Logo and Marks

Chapman Logo

  • The primary mark of the university
  • Should be used first and foremost and should not be altered in any way
  • The logo is composed of two elements: the window icon and the supporting wordmark.
  • The window icon can only print in one of four variations: university red with white lines, solid white with red lines, solid black with white lines, or solid white with black lines.
  • It should not print in any other color, or as a transparent image with solid lines.
  • The window icon cannot print smaller than one-quarter of an inch in size.

For any requests or questions for logo marks on this page, please submit a Workfront Request

Chapman Logo (two alternatives) 

  • The first one is a variation of the main logo; it’s a single line logo that can be used when space might be limited, or when a layout is primarily horizontal.
  • The second one is reserved for apparel and digital ads (where a square object might fit better than a rectangle, for example).
Chapman logo alternatives

Logo Lockups

For the various units on campus, the logo must follow a tiered pattern: Chapman logo.

horizontal logo lockup
Chapman University Argyros College of Business and Economics Logo

University Seal

  • Reserved for the Office of the President
  • Used exclusively for Commencement
  • Seen on podiums across campus
University seal

Athletics Mark

  • Reserved for Chapman Athletics to provide them with their own identity to bring awareness to their programs
  • Should not replace the Chapman logo or be used in artwork internally or externally
athletics logo

Paws Up! Mark

  • Student-led initiative that is supported across campus and may be used liberally
  • May not be used in place of the Chapman logo
  • The Chapman logo should appear with or near the Paws Up! artwork
  • Should not be used outside of the campus community

Chapman Window

  • Inspired by Chapman, it is a unique identifier for the university
  • The window can used as a spirit mark on collateral, apparel and more
  • The Chapman window is not fenestra

Window Paw

  • A fun, graphic element that can be used as a spirit mark on collateral, apparel and more
  • Not meant to be a replacement for any other logos
window paw

Pete the Panther (illustrations)

  • The Pete the Panther mascot graphics are supplemental graphics and are not intended to replace or serve as Chapman’s logo
  • When using Pete, be sure that the Chapman logo is also used somewhere on the layout

Click here to download the Pete the Panther illustrations 

panther illustration