Headline Construction

Your audience will determine which headline construction you use.

Brand Campaign (pure construction)

Broad-based undergraduate recruitment, brand awareness, faculty, research.​

Use only brand tagline:​

Driven by Curiosity​
Inspired by Chapman

Brand Campaign (flexible construction)

Graduate recruitment, current students, parents, alumni, campus community, environmental, community outreach.

  • Designed to be tailored to specific programs.
  • First clause is flexible
  • Adjective/noun + preposition + noun
  • Always ending with “Inspired by Chapman​”


Driven to Discovery​
Inspired by Chapman​

Triumph Through Commitment​
Inspired by Chapman​

Committed to Care​
Inspired by Chapman​



Master brand is present; brand campaign can be present with flexibility in visual identity and messaging.​


  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Fonts