Getting Started: Faculty Directory


The Faculty Directory is an online public resource that lists our faculty members’ biographies and contact information. This includes both full-time and part-time faculty (i.e. lecturers, adjunct instructors, etc.). This directory consists of two parts:

  • Faculty Listing: The main filterable directory consists of basic faculty member listings pulled automatically based on a faculty member’s active status in our central database, Campus Solutions. The listings include name, title, school and email. No manual action is needed for these to appear on the site. 
  • Faculty Bio Page: These pages are created manually and allow for the presentation of deeper bio information per faculty member. These pages are linked from the faculty listings noted above. They are created and maintained through the Cascade Content Management System (CMS), but also pull information from Campus Solutions, an Expertise database, and the Annual Faculty Report system. These pages are maintained by specifically-trained individuals in each school (listed below).

PLEASE NOTE: Schools/Colleges must create these faculty bio pages in Cascade for their new faculty. As soon as a faculty member is hired and a record is created in Campus Solutions with an active status, they will begin appearing in the main listing, but they will not have a link to their own page or a photo until the school representative sets up a faculty bio page.

Faculty Directory Information Breakdown

Faculty Listing (from Campus Solutions)

This is the information that is displayed in the main filterable directory page. It pulls automatically based on the faculty member’s active status. 

  • Name
  • Title
  • Core School/College they teach in
  • Email

NOTE: Bio photos do not appear until the manual bio page is created. 

Please work with the Office of Faculty Advancement to update this information in Campus Solutions.

faculty listing


Core Faculty Bio Information (from Campus Solutions)

The following information is pulled directly from our central account records in Campus Solutions.

  • Name
  • Rank and Additional Title(s)
  • Email
  • Schools/Colleges and Departments they teach in
  • Degrees (currently not displaying for part-time faculty)

Please work with the Office of Faculty Advancement to update this information in Campus Solutions.

campus solution information


Expertise Keywords (from IS&T-managed database)

This information is pulled from a database updated by IS&T. Please follow the below process to request updates.

  1. Gather no more than six key phrases that showcase the faculty member’s field of expertise (should be short phrases). 
  2. Get written approval by the dean of their school for these keywords to be used on their bio. 
  3. Send the approval and the keywords to the Service Desk at and copy Ramiro Landeros at in IS&T to update the database.

If you have questions on the process, please reach out to Ross Loehner at

expertise screenshot


Scholarly Work / Publications (from Annual Faculty Report)

A list of faculty-published works is pulled to the scholarly works section of the faculty bio page. This information is inputted into the Annual Faculty Report on a yearly basis.  

NOTE: Since updating of this information is done on a yearly basis, you can use the manual bio area of the faculty bio page to highlight selected works and new additions.

Please work with the Office of Faculty Advancement to update this information.

scholarly work


Additional Bio and Location Information (from Cascade CMS)

Once a bio page has been created within Cascade CMS, the school representative has access to edit these fields: 

  • Pronouns
  • Listing Photo (smaller)
  • Bio Page Photo (larger)
  • Bio Paragraphs (biography, teaching and research interests, courses taught)
  • Website Link
  • Office Building
  • Office Number
  • Secondary Office 
  • Office Hours
  • Office Phone
  • Specialty Discipline
  • Video
  • Core Faculty Validation (show on school pages)
  • Curriculum Vitae Link
  • Scholarly Work Link (to sources like Google)
  • Publications Link
  • Social icons

With the approval from the Office of Faculty Advancement, there is also a field for:

  • Additional Title
cascade screenshot


Policy and Guidelines

The faculty directory does not have specific guidelines but content should follow:


  1. Update your faculty bio pages at least once a year. 
  2. Refrain from using the page as a dumping grounds for all bio information. Be succinct yet informative. Think of it as a faculty member’s bio pitch for media. 
  3. Represent the faculty member’s current self, including in the photography you use.
  4. Keep content Chapman relevant. This is not a personal website. 

Training and Access

Only web contributors with Cascade CMS training and permission to the faculty directory folder “/our-faculty” can add and edit individual bios for faculty members. We limit this group to a few trained individuals within each school and college. These individuals work with faculty members to update their bio pages. 

If you are the designated individual in your school or college, please work with Ross Loehner at to get trained and set up to update.  

Here is a list of current faculty directory updaters to work with:

Guides and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you make bio profiles for part-time faculty (adjuncts, lecturers, etc.)? 

A. Yes, if they are an active member of the Chapman faculty, full-time or part-time, they will show in the Faculty Directory and have the option for a bio page. 

Q. How do you link to a faculty directory page from another page? 

A. Faculty pages are handled like external links. Navigate to the public facing page to grab the desired URLs. You can then use the external link feature within Cascade to link to the bio page. 

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