Digital Signage Guidelines

Digital signage around campus is now managed by the Strategic Marketing & Communications (SMC) department. Individual schools or departments will be responsible for the update of the content as well as be responsible for paying for the equipment needed for any new setups. Before any equipment is purchased or modified, please contact your web coordinator in SMC. If you would like to requests changes to existing equipment, or order new equipment (monitor and/or computer to run the slideshow) please fill out a Digital Display Request form.

Digital Signage Slideshows

Each school, college or department will have the ability to create content for the digital devices through the creation of a web-based slideshow in Cascade CMS (the same software used to maintain the WWW website). All users with approval to edit the website through Cascade will be given access to the affiliated digital signage folders as well. (If you have not created digital signage slides in the past, please contact your web coordinator to set up the proper folders).

There is currently no approval/workflow process in place so we ask that you follow the best practices listed below in order to maintain a high standard of content and integrity of the Chapman brand on all the devices you are responsible for on campus. If we find a slide that violates our best practices, we will contact the slide owner and ask them to re-work or remove the slide.  Consistent failure to comply may result in workflows being activated for the author.

If SMC finds content that is offensive or violates copyright laws in any way we will remove the slide immediately and contact the slide owner.

It is the responsibility of the screen owner to keep the content up to date. SMC suggests using the scheduling feature to ensure that slides enter and exit the rotation at the appropriate times. All time-sensitive material should be removed no more than a day after the event. If SMC is notified about out-of-date content, you will be contacted by your web coordinator to discuss new content. Please familiarize yourself with the Best Practices below before creating new slides.