Getting Started: Mass Email

Email communication is a crucial piece of Chapman University’s comprehensive marketing efforts. From students, to parents, to alumni and beyond, email can help engage all of our audiences and keep them informed of deadlines, events, or news. As a campus communicator, you can utilize factors such as strategic timing and engaging content to achieve effective email campaigns that keep your audiences informed and involved.

Campaign Monitor is currently our campus-wide solution for mass emails. Campaign Monitor accounts are maintained and paid for by individual departments,schools and colleges.

Policies and Guidelines

Before utilizing mass email to communicate with internal or external audiences, please review Chapman University’s university-wide mass email guidelines.

Training, Access, User Levels

  • As Campaign Monitor is a self-service tool, there is no formal training required before using the platform, however Campaign Monitor offers tutorials to help you become familiar with their features. You can access these tutorials here
  • Most departments, schools or colleges already have an existing Campaign Monitor account. If you are in need of a new account for your department, school or college or need users to be added or removed from your account, please email our Digital marketing team at
  • Each user within each account will have “standard client access” which allows for access to campaigns, lists, automation, and reports. There is also a “primary contact” person noted within each account (this is typically the person who oversees billing).

Guides and Resources

    • The CAN-SPAM Act was signed into law in 2003 to establish national standards for sending commercial email marketing campaigns. It focuses on unsubscribe compliance, content compliance, and sending behavior compliance.
    • How to be sure your emails are compliant:
      • Use a subject line that accurately represents the content of the email
      • Be clear about whether the content of the email is an advertisement or solicitation.
      • Include your physical mailing address.
      • Honor opt-out requests promptly. Process an unsubscribe within 10 days of request, and keep your unsubscribe mechanism operational for at least 30 days after mailing.
      • Provide a mechanism to opt out. You cannot require a subscriber to log in or visit more than a single page in order to unsubscribe.
  • Accessibility
  • Email fatigue
  • Average open and click rates

Support and Request Pathways

  • For technical support, system questions and user additions or removals, contact Tiffany Tulowitzki at
  • The SMC Digital Marketing Team hosts a virtual Digital Marketing Help Hour each month. This Open House-style space provides a casual environment for partners to ask the team questions related to digital marketing and social media. While this is an optional meeting, we encourage any partners who work within the digital marketing sphere for their departments to attend, whether to ask questions or listen to others. 
    • Occasionally, SMC will present on topics such as industry trends, new tools, accessibility and other resources.

If you would like to be added to our Communicators Council to be invited to this and other communication-centric meetings, send us an email: