Getting Started: Email Marketing

Mass email is an important part of the marketing process and is one of the most effective ways to convert your audience. It is also something that can get out of hand at a university like Chapman with so many competing objectives and shared audiences. To better help you understand the different official email paths you have as a marketer at Chapman as well as how your emails should look and feel, we have created the resources below.

Types of Emails

  • Personal Emails – email communication sent to coworkers and associates
  • Internal Mass Communication – emails sent to the internal audience distribution lists: student, staff, full-time faculty, Adjunct Faculty
  • External Mass Communication – mass emails sent to external audiences
  • Prospective Student Emails (Slate) – emails sent to prospective students once they have requested information. These are handled through Admission’s Slate CRM.

Personal Emails (through Outlook, Gmail, etc.)

These are the emails we send day-to-day to our coworkers and associates. They are sent through normal email clients like Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail. While you are free to send these emails at any time, please follow these rules to keep the process clean and branded.

  • Only send personal email communications, not mass emails to larger audiences or distribution lists (unless an official memo, details below).
  • For branding, use the the official email signature as a way to be consistent.

Internal Mass Communication (Through Distribution Lists)

Communicating to the campus is a delicate process. When you send too many emails, viewers will tune out all messages (Email Fatigue), but send too little and the audiences feels they are not being communicated to. With that in mind, we have created these two paths to communicate with internal audiences: students, staff, full-time faculty, Adjunct Faculty.

  • For Marketing Messages – Defined as any message used to promote an event/program/subject to the campus. These types of messages should feed through our weekly newsletters.
  • For Department Memos emails – Defined as official notices from specific departments. These should be relevant and not marketing-related (for example: academic notes should fed through the Office of the Provost)

External Mass Communication (through Campaign Monitor)

When communicating to an external audience (outside of Chapman members), there are additional rules applied to make sure we are complaint and branded.

For external email, Chapman uses a email distribution system called Campaign Monitor.

When two weeks notice is provided, SMC can also send emails to external populations on behalf of Chapman Schools/Colleges/Departments/Offices. Recipients should have opted in to correspondence from Chapman, or should have some clear and established relationship to the University. Purchased mailing lists are also currently allowed. SMC does not send unsolicited SPAM and is compliant with the CAN-SPAM ACT OF 2003.

Emails will utilize branded templates that have been tested for ADA compliance. Unique HTML cannot be created for each individual email.

All emails (internal and external) must comply with Chapman University IS&T guidelines and policy.

Learn more about SMC’s external emails