Getting Started: Internal Communications


The internal communications guideline page is a one-stop shop that provides the Chapman University community resources and instructions for submitting campus-facing communications.


Working@Chapman is a resource for faculty and staff to quickly locate and understand important resources, tools and announcements. Both the Working@Chapman website and twice weekly newsletter use a continuous improvement model to optimize and meet the needs of our campus community.

The Working@Chapman newsletter allows you to promote an upcoming event, campus announcement, college blogpost or faculty achievement. These newsletters are sent to all Chapman faculty and staff on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Submit to the W@C Newsletter

Submission Deadlines

  • By noon on Thursday for submission into Monday’s newsletter
  • By noon on Monday for submission into Wednesday’s newsletter.

Important Notes

  • When submitting to the newsletter, please use the Working@Chapman newsletter submission form to ensure all informational needs are met and that it goes to the proper team for review.
  • Your submission date selection will be per week. If you would like multiple weeks, submit a request for each.
  • All events must link to more information (preferably to an listing) 
  • The Working@Chapman newsletter only features events up to two weeks in advance of the event happening.

For any questions, reach out to Paul Pe at

If you have been thinking about ways to make Chapman University a better work environment or improve the student, staff, faculty, and visitor experience, please submit your feedback.

Visit this resource to submit your feedback or edits to the Working@Chapman website.

To learn more about the Working@Chapman initiative, please read this Working@Chapman article.

Guidelines for Campus-Wide Emails

Emails requested to be sent to large groups of campus staff, faculty or students are received by a small group of evaluators who review the requests and approve or reject each request. The protocol is that messaging outside of the scope of “appropriate use” (see below) be submitted to the twice-weekly employee newsletter Working@Chapman.

What are examples of appropriate use of the campus-wide/large group email? 

  • The All-Campus Email Matrix is the guide for the authorized senders of emails
  • Celebrating a college for national rankings
  • An announcement by leadership of a campus accomplishment, job hiring, dean selection, retirement, death of a community member or resignation, etc. 

What are examples of what is NOT an appropriate campus-wide email? 

  • Non-Chapman related fundraisers, promotions or events
  • Political messages or campaigning
  • Departmental cleanings
  • Procedural updates, details about events or meetings that could be shared in Working@Chapman

Click here to view the full set of guidelines and resources.

Our Voices

Our Voices: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Chapman University is an effort to share the experiences of the Chapman community and build more transparency on the actions being taken to advance a culture of inclusion and equity at our campuses.

Your voice matters, and we want to hear it. Share your ideas, get involved and learn more about how you can be a part of Our Voices: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Chapman.

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For more updates, visit the Our Voices website.