Getting Started: Events


Events.Chapman is our university-wide event listing site. The beauty of this tool is that it creates what is essentially a miniature webpage for your event and is the go-to site for students, staff, faculty and alumni to see what’s going on at Chapman.

*Important Note Before Continuing

Events.Chapman is a tool that works in conjunction with our room/space reservation tool 25Live which is managed by the Event Operations team. You can learn more about the tool and their services by navigating to their resource website

If you need to host an on-campus event that requires space reservation, start with them.

Policy & Guidelines

  • Users must adhere to the same policy that is in place for 25Live. Information about the tool can be found on the 25Live resource site.
  • Event listings must be clear and accurate. 
  • It is strongly recommended that event listings have a banner image to give users a good idea of what the event will be. Images must not include text as it is not accessible for vision impaired users.

Training & User Levels

SMC offers online training for the platform on Canvas. You can request access to this training by filling out this training request form. This training will equip you with all the tools and knowledge needed to manage your event listing.

Once you’ve been added to the course, you can find it by logging into using your Chapman credentials. You can also find the course directly on Canvas..

Events.chapman is a self service tool and can be accessed by logging in using your Chapman credentials. If you need edit access for a specific hosting group or any other events.chapman support, please submit a Workfront request to SMC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I create an event listing without using 25Live?

A: Unless your event is online or off-campus, no. You must reserve space on campus using 25Live which will then generate a public events.chapman listing.

Support & Request Pathways

  1. For events.chapman support — Submit an SMC events.chapman support request.
  2. For 25Live supportContact the Event Operations Department.