Linking to a Specific Section, Tabs or Collapsible Regions (query strings) in Cascade

Each page on the Chapman website has the functionality to utilize anchor points and query strings. These are functions that allow a viewer to jump down the live page to certain bits of information. This function has been built into the text editor, collapsable region, tab and personnel widgets. Please see below to learn about each option.

Text Editor Widget Anchor Point

In the Text Editor widget you can add anchor points so people can link to a specific point in that area. Please follow these instructions to add the anchor point.

1) In the Text Editor widget of Cascade, put your cursor in the location you want individuals to be brought to on the page.

2) Click the “insert/edit anchor” button. It looks like a ship’s anchor as highlighted below.

cascade screenshot of settings

3) Add your anchor point tag to the dialog box that opens. Make sure this is a unique word to the page. Press inserts when done.

screenshot of Cascade settings

4) Once you have inserted the anchor you can now utilize it in any link you create that’s using the WYSIWYG editor. You would just add a link to the page that the anchor is on in the dialog box and add the word you tagged your anchor point as in the “Anchor” section.

Cascade screenshot image settings

Personnel Widget Bio Anchor Point

The personnel widget allows you to list the bio information for individuals on a page. Included in this “personnel” widget is a built in anchor tag. This means you can link from a different page directly to this person. Each bio box is automatically given the anchor tag “#firstname-lastname” (all lower case). If you use this as you anchor tag and link to the specific page, your viewer will be brought directly to their section.

Linking to a Specific Tab on a Page

Cascade screenshot of tabs

To load a page with a particular tab open, utilize the following links. You would just adhere the ending ?startingtab=[#] to your page’s web address.

  • (default, same as 1)

Please note, first tab is ‘0’ not ‘1’, so the third tab would actually be ‘2’, opposite of what we’re all used to, but it’s important to ensure that the query string works.

Linking to a Specific Collapsible Region on a Page

Cascade screenshot of collapsable region

To load a page with a particular collapsible region open, utilize the following links. You would just adhere the ending ?openregion=[#] to your page’s web address.


Those are the basics! If you need help using query strings, feel free to contact your web coordinator with any questions.