7.0 Microsite Guidelines

A microsite is any external facing website affiliated directly with Chapman University that is produced outside the traditional website ecosystem. All microsites must observe the following guidelines. Failure to adhere to a guideline will result in a request to chtonform to the guideline you’re violating and, if you do not comply, eventual removal of the web entity.

7.1 Site Development

7.1.1 Approval: Microsites must be approved by an SMC Strategist or Project Manager and the Assistant Vice President of Web and Digital Media. You must make the request through your SMC Strategist or Project ManagerPlease note: See 7.2 for exceptions.

Sites are more likely to be accepted if they: Require an Alternative Solution: If there is a justifiable reason for it to live outside the normal Chapman infrastructure. This will be determined by the approvers based on the specific needs of the site. Simply wanting a different look or more page flexibility than the current design is not a justifiable reason without proper evaluation. Follow Chapman Branding and Messaging: If your site follows proper branding and messaging guidelines, including logo use, messaging and branding standards, it will be considered. It needs to represent Chapman appropriately. Support the Strategic Plan: If your site supports Chapman’s current 5 year plan: 2013-2018, which includes a focus on Arts & Entertainment, Science & Technology and Leadership & Civic Engagement. Promote Specific University Goals: If your site helps brand an institutional event, support a fundraising campaign or provide a connection to an outside partner, it will be considered.

7.1.2 Site Creation: Sites are created either through Strategic Marketing & Communication, IS&T or by individual departments (if approved by SMC). Creating a site outside of Strategic Marketing’s oversight is not permitted. These rules must be followed when creating a site: Branding: A microsite that uses the Chapman University logo must meet all logo, color, and branding guidelines. Unique Content: Information on a microsites must be composed of unique content. Do not cannibalize, plagiarize, or otherwise duplicate any information, pages, or whole sections information/pages/sections of permanent Chapman websites. Proper Notice: All microsite creation requests require a minimum of 60 working days notice prior to the proposed launch date. Because some large-scale microsites may take even longer than this amount of time, it is at the discretion of the developers to set the timeline.

7.2 Microsite Exceptions

7.2.1 Faculty Personal/Research/Art Sites: Faculty member’s personal/research/art sites are handled through Academic Technology and must adhere to their rules and guidelines. Please note: If your site is directly related to Chapman University and is officially promoted by the school or colleges, you must go through an approval process with SMC. 

7.2.2 Student Club or Organization Site: If you are a student club or organization and would like to have a website created, you will need to work with Student Affairs. All student clubs and organizations must first be approved and included in Student Affairs’ OrgSync system.